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Current Updates:

The following information is critical for obtaining your 2019 W2 forms. Please make sure to follow instructions below before attempting to retrieve your W2.

Our W2 forms are only sent via physical address if employee has requested this prior to January 01, 2020. You must complete a new contact form at our office or via our website. W2 are only mailed to non-active employees or employees that have move 25 miles or more outside of Indianapolis.

For active employees, your W2 will be given to your hub manager before the IRS deadline. Please keep in mind we do not have the exact date of delivery but will keep you posted. We do not print W2s in house, so it takes some time for these to be delivered to us for distribution.

Please note ALL active or non-active employees are required to present valid form of government ID to obtain their W2. No one can pick up your W2 unless an MW authorization has been filed.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation through the process, and any more information will be posted on the website for changes.